The Hidden Superpowers of Fragrance

What’s one thing you would buy in abundance if your wallet allowed you to?

For me, it would be fragrance. Why? Because it has super powers!

I love smells, I love perfume, I love fragrance! It’s luxurious and it is simply beautiful. It makes me feel empowered, feminine and boosts my confidence. As Chanel once said “Fragrance is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory”. And she was right. Whether it’s perfume on you or scented fragrance for your home. It’s comforting, empowering and changes how you feel. It’s memorable.

The day I discovered a secret super power

I was 17 when I bought my first bottle of perfume – I felt like my Mum; sophisticated, beautiful, stylish. She loved to wear Opium by Yves Saint Laurent – it was her daring sophistication that I wanted to emulate by buying my own bottle of liquid magic, in the hopes it would make me just like her.

My first bottle of perfume was Red Door by Elizabeth Arden. A super florally punch of freesia, lily of the valley and violet. It’s definitely not what I’d chose today as I prefer musks, woods and oriental scents.

Little did I know how much of an influence that little bottle was soon to have on me.

Powerful puffs of magic and the introduction of Scent Marketing

Fragrance is a powerful little puff of invisible magic that can work wonders on our mood and our behaviour. We can even be manipulated by it. Have you ever heard of scent marketing?

There’s a reason you don’t smell the food in a Starbucks cafe. Because they want you to smell the coffee! And how about the Cinemas; ever smelt the nachos when you’ve walked in the door? Or maybe the hot dogs? Nope. It’s the popcorn. And even the DIY stores are in on it. Primarily it’s the beautiful smell of fresh cut wood that will hit you when you walk in.

There is even an American hotel chain that sprays its lobbies with the scent of apple pie so that guests will feel immediately at home. Scent marketing has been around for a long time.

Our sense of comfort is entwined with our sense of smell. How comfortable we feel can depend largely on what we smell and our homes are integral to this considering we spend a lot of time there.

I wanted my home to feel that same luxury and sophistication through fragrance that perfume gave me. With every spritz it changes how I feel and I wanted those same changes within my home for my whole family to enjoy.

It isn’t just about having a beautiful smell in the house, that’s the first benefit you get from our candles, it is so much more about the hidden power of how that scent can have an affect on you. Smell goes way deeper into our subconscious. it access memories, stored emotions, feelings and can change your mood.

Making a product that has it all – sustainable luxury

I wanted to feel what perfume gave me but I wanted to feel it long after the last spritz, and I found it with scented candles.

However, not only were the high-end candles I loved way over my budget, I then discovered a whole new world of wax and wicks that scared me! I discovered there were bad things in the candles that I was buying, things I don’t want to have in my home or scenting it’s way into my nostrils and my body.

So I set about creating my own brand of high-end luxury scents for the home that are made from pure ingredients and as few as possible to make them sustainable.

Eco-friendly products without compromising on luxury

I wanted to create a product that was eco-friendly, that was sophisticated and luxurious; something you could put in any home and would make you feel luxurious, comfortable and happy knowing that the candle you’re burning is clean and not full of nasty chemicals that could potentially harm your health.

Only I wanted to make them with one, BIG difference… I made them affordable.

Because I believe, fragrance is a luxury we all deserve. It’s beautiful, calming, mood enhancing, makes you feel luxurious. Smell is the super power of all our senses and I want you to burn beautiful scents knowing they’re good for you.

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Original price was: £30.00.Current price is: £23.20.
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