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A Surprising Fact About Indoor Plants

I’ve been slightly obsessed with nurturing my ‘not-so-green’ thumb this year as well as creating a much more relaxed and cosy space in our home by becoming a ‘plant Mum’. Having not succeeded in the past I was determined throughout Lockdown 2 to get it right (and it was a wonderful distraction to what was going on).I’m sure you already know that plants are really, really good for you (insert new skills, a prettier home and a brilliant excuse to shop) but did you know that they can also help us destress and increase creativity?

Cool plant fact

According to research by a Texan University (I wonder if Matthew McConaughey had anything to do with it 🤔) plants can boost creativity by 15%. Wowza! That excited me so I set myself the task to see if I could increase my own creativity by buying many, many plants in the hopes that my creative drought would suddenly dry up. And to my surprise, it worked.

Creativity seemed to have sparked from somewhere and not only do I have two new products releasing soon, I even picked up my drawing pencils, started knitting (hello cold summer) and I began cooking again, something I have loved for years but that has gone by the wayside since the beginning of 2020.

Is it the plants? Who knows. They sure do make my house look prettier, feel cosier and more relaxed and they’ve given me a new habit, something to distract from the constant boom of Covid news.

Plants are actually really easy to look after – give them a regular routine of love, a little water and a little loving chat goes a long way too (yup, I am one of those who talks to her plants)

My plant collection has grown over the last few months following the guidelines on the best house plants to have in the home. Things like clean air, anxiety reducing and dark light lovers have been my search terms. I’ve loved curating them.

If you need inspiration, LazyFlora, a fabulous small business that sell beautiful plants will post them to your door. And if you sign up to their mailing list you get a free windowsill Basil kit and 25% off, fabulous.

As a ‘plant Mum’ all these new plants join the one and only plant that has survived the years of my notorious houseplant killing spree – our beautiful old Kentia Palm which BTW we have named ‘Destiny’s Child ‘ after yes you guessed it, the very famous band who’s most well known hit was ‘Survivor’. Fitting don’t you think? 😃So to anyone who fancies becoming a ‘plant Mum’, go for it.

A little love goes a long way and they truly are very, very forgiving, very relaxing and make your home so, so pretty.

A Brilliant find

Have you heard of a fabulous FREE app called Candide ? This brilliant app lets you take a picture of a plant and tells you what it is and how to take care of it. It has saved many a plant in my house and has also spurred on many spontaneous purchases.

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