At Willow & Tea we believe fragrance has superpowers…

It’s luxurious and makes you FEEL EMPOWERED. It can BOOST your CONFIDENCE and change your mood. Whether it’s perfume on you or scented fragrance for your home, it has the POWER to CHANGE HOW YOU FEEL.

We want you to experience the way perfume makes you feel long after the last spritz. We’ve developed a fragrance range of scented candles and reed diffusers so you can have beautiful smells that will linger throughout your home creating a sanctuary to feel good in.

From a love of fragrance

Handmade in Hampshire, UK with an emphasis on sustainability, our artisan products are made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials – from the wax to the wick – to create products that are kinder to us and the environment. And even though we’re sustainable, our products don’t compromise on their look, quality or luxury.

Our mission

To create sustainable home fragrance products that don’t compromise on luxury. Utilising raw materials that are reusable, eco-friendly, recyclable from the pencil I write with to the the packaging pellets that comfort your products in the post – Willow & Tea came from my love of scent and sustainability.

Fragrance is evocative, intimate, personal and tells stories. From the moment you open the door to your home I want your house to welcome you, invite you, comfort you with the seductive aromas of our scents. No matter where you are in the world, home is the most intimate and personal space there is. The fragrance of your home is uniquely yours.

I wanted to create scented candles that were beautiful, that made me feel like my home was luxurious that didn’t compromise the planet we live in. Learning about fragrance has taught me that not all sustainability is obvious, you need to search for it, be aware of what’s in your products – were all a lot more aware of whats in our food – it’s time we became a lot more aware of whats in our home products too.

Our products maintain their luxury look and feel with the conscience modern day requires.


Our values

We make sure we do everything we can to make our products as sustainable and eco-friendly as they can be. If that means we have to pause on launching a product until the packaging is sustainable, recyclable – whatever it is – we wait.

From our raw ingredients to our packaging and processes we take every opportunity we can to lower our carbon footprint, use biodegradable materials and be as kind as we can to the environment while still bringing you a high quality sustainable product.

Our boxes are made from recycled cardboard, our glass candle containers are recyclable or you can even repurpose them as brush holders, make up pots or even herb homes.

Our packaging filling is 100% biodegradable which can be composted or washed down the sink – every detail matters to us all the while making sure we never compromise on the quality of our products.


CEO / Founder

I’m passionate about fragrance and how it enhances our mood and wellbeing.

Sales / Marketing

I love watching people light up when they finally find a company that cares about their experience .


Sometimes they just need a cuddle, lick and an occasional bark to make them feel good too.