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Because Everyone Loves…

A Surprising Fact About Indoor Plants I’ve been slightly obsessed with nurturing my ‘not-so-green’ thumb this year as well as creating a much more relaxed and cosy space in our home by becoming a ‘plant Mum’. Having not [...]

The Hidden Superpowers of Fragrance

What’s one thing you would buy in abundance if your wallet allowed you to? For me, it would be fragrance. Why? Because it has super powers! I love smells, I love perfume, I love fragrance! It’s luxurious and [...]

Mood Scenting

The alluring power of fragrance and how it can transform your mood, relieve tension, anxiety and boost your energy! It is scientifically proven that burning a candle can have many health benefits. When you add scent to that [...]

Which Scent Are You?

In our world, no family is perfect but when it comes to the world of scent it’s a completely different story.  We use ‘families’ to categorise ingredients, smells. So what are they and why is knowing your scent [...]

How Your Scented Candles Could Be Harming You

They’ve been taking over the news in recent weeks. From The Independent to MSN News; scented candles are apparently causing harm to our health and the environment. Hang on, before you run and blow out your candle burning [...]

The Best Ever Tips For Burning Candles That Will Save You Money

There is nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on a candle and having most of it remain in the jar – wax stuck all around the edges and a tunnel down the middle. Or, having a [...]


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